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5 Major Design Mistakes That Restaurant Owners Should Avoid.

2017 will be a huge breakthrough for restaurant industries due to a recent transformation in people’s eating choices and habits. In recent times, dining out has become an integrated part of people’s living routine; in fact, it is a life style of majority of people regardless of their financial background. Therefore, vast number of new opportunities are created for business owners in the field of food. Consequently, restaurant owners need to avoid major mistakes if they wish to attract more customers.

There are two determining factors in choosing a place to dine out: the quality of the food that is being offered and the aesthetic look of the restaurant. Restaurant owners who wish to be successful in this business need to be careful and vigilant about the quality of their food products and at the same time they need to be attentive to the details of design. A while back, one really good dish could get sold thousand times a day even if the store was a tiny space under a staircase. However today, people are so selective about the taste of their food, the design of the space, and the sensation of the environment; they want to have the best of all at the same time. For this reason, it is crucial for restaurant owners to avoid five major design mistakes:


1- Avoid creation of large dining areas: Large dining areas would make the space look like a crowded food court and this situation is something that people have had plenty of dining experience within it, thus, customers look for a different arrangement of dining areas when they go out to eat. Dining spaces can get breakdown to more smaller intimate spaces. Assigning variety of color theme to the space, creating elevation differences throughout the space, adding unique ceiling designs, incorporating transparent partitions, integrating solid low walls, and including plants in the environment are few of the solutions that can contribute in altering one large dining space to several smaller exciting private spaces. People tend to dislike to sit in the middle of congested big space. Let’s allow them to have some privacy in a public space. This way they feel that they are part of a totality while they are dining at their private corner.

2- Avoid designing a noisy environment: Noisy dining spaces generate unpleasant experiences for customers. Unlike bars and hubs where noises are the nature of the mingling activities that happen in the space, restaurants should be a quieter place for families, couples, or friends to dine in and chat. Dividing the space to smaller spaces is one way to control the noise. However, careful selection of materials is the best way to control additional noises. Right material along with some planting and greenery decorations can absorb the extra noises and reduce the amount loud echoes.

3- Do not be ordinary: In order to be a top-notch brand restaurant and attract customers, do not go after ordinary designs. People are tired of seeing typical restaurants with typical chairs and tables, what they look for is a restaurant with astonishing design where they can experience a different way of dining. Any special feature, symbol, or focal point can become the emblem of your restaurant and people who visit your place would remember and remind it with that exclusive characteristic.   (Sadaf Resaturant Encino).


4- Do not block the kitchen: Kitchen, preparation area and hot line, is the heart of any restaurant. Kitchen is where the delicious foods are created by the hands of the talented artist called Chef. So why hide this attractive exhibition and performance stage? Let customers make visual connection with the artist and the kitchen. The chef is preparing customers’ dish and it would be suitable if customers can see the process. Successful restaurant earn trust of their customers by exposing the cooking line like an exhibition. Just like in a musical concert, where people enjoy seeing the art of musicians playing their instruments, people in a restaurant enjoy seeing chef creating his or her art. (Bosscat Kitchen & Libations)











5- Do not use environmentally unfriendly finish materials: Our society is getting more educated about our surrounding environment, and a lot of people are concerned about the effect of human activities on the environment. Therefore, spend sufficient amount of time selecting the finish materials that are environmentally friendly. People love to see spaces that are Green and Lead certified. You can earn trust of a lot of people when you show your passion for environment. Furthermore, people would associate your restaurant with healthy food and environmentally friendly space. Using regular floor, ceiling and millwork finishes do not spread any Green conservativism message to the costumers. However, consuming reclaimed, recycled, and Green material and finishes would let your customers know that you care about the environment and society. By doing so, your restaurant would attract a lot customers and publicity.