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Freelancers Love Cork

Cork is an incredibly green, stylish and highly versatile that adds warmth and texture to spaces and lasts for decades. It is very light and ranks highly for its insulation properties.

But it’s popularity in today’s life has deeper reasons. More than a third of Americans are freelancers. It means there is an ever-increasing amount of time spent at home in front of a computer or smartphone screen during the day. So there will be a greater need for a microbe free environment. Cork is naturally anti-microbial and water-resistant and helps combat mold and mildew. Its anti-static surface eliminates dust and toxin absorption. Moreover, it absorbs noise in large and open plan homes, therefore it is a blessing for home-workers to avoid distractions.

Now let’s look at the cork in different perspective in interior design:


Psychology of color: Cork has a warm color but a little cool down. It has a mix of yellow, red and light gray which make it warm like the autumn season color which is warm and attractive.

Below is color chart of autumn season that shows the warmness, coziness and attraction which created by tone on tone colors and contrast. Cork makes the same feeling and invite people to its homey personality.





Psychology of texture: its texture makes is so mysterious and welcoming to touch. It creates a depth feeling because of the texture is emphasized by slightly tone on tone contrast in colors.
















Psychology of feeling: it is kind, it is close friend and you can trust it. Corks invites you to be friend with you. It says: “come and touch me, I have your trust, I am your kind surface”.


There are top 10 advantages of using cork in interior:

  • Easy to install
  • It Can be used in all surfaces, (floor, wall and ceiling)
  • It can be use in any application. Easy to shape
  • Light weight and easy to transport.
  • Sound and thermal insulation.
  • Water resistance.
  • Variation in color.
  • Variation and different in texture.
  • Kid’s safe material.
  • Easy to maintain and durable.