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Liquid Architecture

Upcoming art tries to be compatible with present and have a little point to the future, but the main concern of an artist is “Style”, but do we know what Style is? , can we call it Fashion? No, There is a very common explanation of style that we can bring it up: Style is the specific believe in the period of the time that most of the people accept it, it can survive 5 centuries like “Gothic” and it can die after 3 months of showing up. We talked about believe, time and acceptance, these are three main structure of each Style, now if we want to design for future how we can create acceptance for future’s believe? We don’t have “period of the time” because it is future, we don’t know people’s specific believe for upcoming art. Can we design for future?
I want to call it “Liquid Design” or “Liquid Architecture”. Well, we should try to be creative for future, maybe “Liquid Architecture” can grab the shape of our future’s believes, Architects and Artists should be able to create flexible and ongoing design. Liquid Art is active, transparent, flexible, fast, and ongoing. Liquid Design can communicate with people, connect people, Liquid Architecture will be global and can cover all the Styles.