Irvine was one of the cleanest, safest and the most beautiful Cities in Southern California. Unfortunately, this city is now observing the most disastrous type of developments which have negative impact such as followings:

1- Intense traffic for both major freeways (5 & 405) serving Irvine and other cities in Orange county.

2- Increased air pollution as a result of tense traffic

3- Adding more than ten thousands residential units; this number is way more than the legalized floor area ratio for a normal family-based city.

4- Over use of public utilities for such a massive non-sense developments.

5- Four & Five story buildings make extremely ugly faces all around Irvine; there is no design involved in this mass production.

6- Extreme environment disorder is caused, and this will destroy Green Irvine.

Our questions and concerns need to be clarified and addressed by Dr. Steven Choi (Steven Choi) mayor of Irvine, Councilwoman Christina Shea – Irvine (Christina Shea – Prism Link Properties) and Anthony Kuo, planning commissioner of City of Irvine City Hall

All design professionals are working hard to accommodate public safety and comfortability for the whole society. Along the same way, we need new candidates for the city of Irvine who respect quality of living and whom environment is their first priority.