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Three important design elements that make a restaurant experience unforgettable

Restaurant is a complicated architectural entity due to various parties that are involved in its design process. Architects, interior designers, engineers, Kitchen consultants, lighting designers, health department agents, and building officials all work hand in hand to launch an all-inclusive restaurant. This entity has high level of importance because it is a hospitality place that welcomes people on a daily basis. For this reason, restaurant owners need to be concerned about the quality of their food and the ambiance of their space at the same time. Design and aesthetic look of a restaurant is an effective factor in generating joyful memories and feelings in people’s mind. And as anyone knows, customers’ satisfaction has direct correlation to profit making. Therefore, successful business owners pay special attention to the design process of their restaurants.

It has been said that “Architecture is frozen music”; similarly, design of a restaurant can grow into a “frozen music”. There are various design aspects, factors, and entities that make a restaurant stylish and memorable. And in this article we describe three important design elements that contribute in making a restaurant experience remarkable for customers.


  1. Ceiling design: Above is where one looks at when he/she enters a space for the first time. Why? It is a subconscious order from our brain. From the beginning of human life, people tended to look up when they entered an unknown space for safety reasons. Now, people look up when they step into a new place out of curiosity. For this reason, it is very crucial for a restaurant to have a unique ceiling design that would catch eyes of customers when they enter the space for the first time.
Hootan & Associates Design Studio -Turnip Rose - Photography by Tom Bonner

Hootan & Associates Design Studio -Turnip Rose – Photography by Tom Bonner

  1. Counter/ bar design: People come in to a restaurant looking at the ceiling design subconsciously; conversely, a strong focal design feature dictates where people would glance at next. Main bar area can be the focal catchy feature that attracts spectator’s view in a restaurant. Therefore, bars need to have one phenomenal design to astonish the customers and welcome them. Remember that first impression is the best impression.












Hootan & Associates Design Studio -Verve Coffee - Santa Cruz

Hootan & Associates Design Studio -Verve Coffee – Santa Cruz

  1. Restroom design: the last but not the least design element that makes a restaurant experience unforgettable is the ambiance of the restroom, the place where most people visit before enjoying their dish. Restrooms can be a brilliant showroom in a restaurant. The selection of lighting, lavatory, graphics, materials, and finishes that goes in a restroom can create fun memories for people. There are tons of exciting stories that people share with their friends after they go to an unordinary restroom. Never underestimate the potential of these overlooked spaces, as they can be a top-notch place to fascinate!